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Štrbské Pleso, Vysoké Tatry
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All year round, we provide homemade meals, beverages, information and accommodation. In addition, we offer a complementary use of solarium with a sunny terrace and a unique view of Kriváň, the Podtatranská kotlina (a basin) and the Low Tatras. We take no responsibility for health problems caused by the excessive use of the solariums and alcoholic beverages!

We cook healthy and tasty cuisine
Where people cook good, there is good!

We prepare daily, fresh homemade soup, meals and homemade pies. You can enjoy traditional Slovak meals as well as international cuisine. We do not offer fried food.
We can provide pre ordered special menus on request, we also organize various business events and meetings, birthday parties, weddings and annual meetings.

Luxurious double room

Unforgettable experience with your other half in a luxurious apartment

Experience an exclusive night above the clouds , just one cozy hotel room in the Solisko chalet with an ensuite and a view of Kriváň, dine by a fire-place and be spoilt with breakfast in the bed. Enjoy this unforgettable unique experience in the ski season, bonus first ride after a stroll on the fresh ,crisp ,untouched white snow of sunrise.
Neopakovateľná atmosfére iba u nás v lyžiarskej sezóne bonus prvá jazda po panennskom menčesteri.

An extraordinary dormitory

Discover the charm of tourist accommodation in the dormitory in our chalet

Have you ever slept on a table? It´s not a social faux pas, in our chalet, it’s a comfortable experience for you. Come and try it. There is a capacity of 9 beds. In case of fully occupancy, we are able to provide emergency accommodation, in your own sleeping bag on the floor in the dining room. The bathroom is outside of the room.


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Double room

The only one hotel room in the Solisko chalet

An extraordinary dormitory

Capacity of 9 beds
Additional charges
  • Spa tax is 1,00€/per person
  • Breakfast 6,00€
  • Dinner (Á la carte) 20% discount
  • Dinner (10 people and more) 10,00 €/per person
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If you do not know how to follow google map, please try our advice

FOR ZOOCEANS VISITORS –  First by boat to Hamburg. Then take the train, and at the train station of Tatranská Štrba, change transfer for the cog railway to Štrbské Pleso. From there, walk to the Area of Dreams just below the ski jumps. The chairlift will take you up to 1840 meters above sea level in seven minutes, where the Solisko chalet is located.

For the avid trekkers – Start the journey on the most eastern hill of our country called Kremenec. Go west and keep walking by the white-red stones, the border is marked by them. Another orientation point is the Dukelský priesmyk (saddle). After it´s successful crossover, continue to the crossing of Lysá Poľana from which Javorina and Javorová dolina (valley) are near. You will come to Kopské sedlo (saddle) from Zadné Meďodoly. In Kopské sedlo (saddle) you will then turn swiftly to the right and go through the Jahňací štít (peak) directly to the main mountain ridge of Tatras. Somewhere in the area of Čubrina, you will leave the ridge and turn left to the Kôprovský štít (peak). Through the Hlinská veža (tower), the Štrbský štít (peak), the Hrubý vrch (hill) and Bystré sedlo (saddle) you will arrive at Veľké Solisko. You’re almost at the end of the journey. You will run along the last three peaks, and a mug of hot tea will be waiting for you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information

Welcome to the website of the Solisko chalet. If you are interested in accommodation or if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email.

Address:  059 85 Štrbské Pleso – Vysoké Tatry

Telefón: +421 917 655 446

Email: chatasolisko@gmail.com